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Due to the fact that I design the ring personally for you, and according to the budget set, I have the ability to create a 1-carat diamond ring for you at any price. There are several parameters that I take into account in choosing the diamond: natural diamond or lab-created diamond? With a lab-created diamond, for example, we can significantly reduce costs. The clarity and cut of the diamond also affect the price level, and we can choose a diamond with different clarity or cut levels to meet the defined budget. Also, the color, shape, and gemological certificate with which it comes (or whether it is a diamond without a certificate) can affect the price level and allow us to find the stone that suits the customer within their capabilities.

The difference between a natural diamond and a lab grown diamond lies in the fact that a natural diamond forms deep within the earth over thousands of years, while a lab grown diamond is “grown” in a laboratory conditions. The chemical composition of both diamonds is identical, as is their appearance, but one is natural, and the other is not entirely. The difference between them is reflected in price disparities but also in the value of each after purchase.

A natural diamond can be traded for many years after purchase, while a lab grown diamond is not tradable and cannot be sold after purchase. Therefore, when we want to buy a piece of jewelry that will be preserved for our loved ones and passed down through generations, it is preferable to buy a natural diamond so that its monetary value will accompany our loved ones for years. The market value of an “ecological diamond” does not come close to the value of a diamond that has undergone the entire natural process, but I believe it has other values that can be more meaningful for some of us.

Beyond saving on significant mining costs, choosing a lab grown diamond minimizes the harsh impact on nature, prevents the exploitation of workers in undeveloped countries, and reduces the phenomenon of trading in diamonds for unethical purposes.

For a full explanation, visit the Ecological Diamonds page.

We make every effort to design an optimal piece of jewelry for the recipient, both in terms of design style, choice of gold (white/yellow/14K/18K), gemstones, setting, etc. However, there might be a situation where the finished piece of jewelry does not appeal to the gift recipient. Therefore, I am here to continue and assist her in the refinement process if necessary. There are various options available to us to ensure complete satisfaction for the gift recipient.

Certainly. I provide a one-year warranty on all jewelry I sell to my customers. The warranty includes: defects in material, setting, or goldsmith’s work. During the warranty period, I will be happy to repair or replace the item, at my discretion and based on the severity of the damage. Damage resulting from excessive wear, improper use, loss, or theft is not covered under the warranty. I strongly recommend that all diamond jewelry be properly insured with home content insurance companies. If a diamond, sized 2.0mm and below, falls out of your jewelry, I will replace it immediately at no additional cost. Additionally, as part of my service to protect against reasonable wear, I will be happy to clean and inspect your jewelry at no extra charge.

Every piece of jewelry in my designs comes with my appraisal certificate, in a strict international standard (certified Gemologist since 2004). In some cases, depending on the type of stone or by client’s request, I provide also a certificate from an international gemological institute (GIA/IGI/HRD). I do not recommend relying on gemological laboratories that do not have international recognition, as many of them serve the trader rather than the end customer and evaluate the diamond’s data very imprecisely. The appraisal certificate that comes with the jewelry serves as both an identification certificate with all the technical details of the jewelry and for the purpose of insurance (recommended as an addition to home contents insurance).

Because I produce only on demand, I provide the following benefits to my customers:

  1. I have been manufacturing and selling to private clients since 2004. My experience as a personal jeweler, specializing in international market trade, adds significant value to customers with unparalleled service and pricing in the industry.
  2. I don’t have maintenance costs, inventory, store rent, or employee salaries. its allows me to offer competitive prices to my customers.
  3. Since I don’t maintain a stock of jewelry, I am committed only to the taste and budget of my customers. I don’t need to clear inventory; instead, I focus on crafting each piece to customer satisfaction, aligning with their design preferences and budget.
  4. My design options are unlimited. I can accommodate any design inspiration the customer has and wishes to create personally.
  5. Availability and personal service – I meet my customers where it’s convenient for them: at their home, in my office at the diamond exchange, or at their office.
  6. What is your return policy?
  7. For jewelry purchased below the amount of 750$, a full refund will be provided within 30 days from the original purchase date, minus transaction cancellation fees, in accordance with consumer protection laws. No cash refunds will be given for jewelry sold above 750$

I am here for you. Feel free to ask me any questions.

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