Ecological Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds, originate from a natural diamond material that is placed in a machine simulating the natural process that diamonds undergo deep within the earth. If we simplify the process, we can say that the machine “grows” a small diamond to a bigger one. Thus, at the end of the polishing process (which reduces waste by 40-50 percent), we obtain a diamond ready for setting in a jewelry that is significantly larger than the original diamond we placed into the machine.

Instead of coal turning into a diamond over thousands of years, science has succeeded in shortening this process to just a few weeks. This not only saves significant mining costs but, more importantly, it minimizes the harsh impact on nature, prevents the exploitation of workers in disadvantaged countries, and reduces the phenomenon of the diamond trade for unethical purposes.

The market value of “ecological diamonds” does not come close to the value of a diamond that has undergone the entire natural process. However, I believe it has other values that some of us consider more important than the sentiment that a natural diamond evokes.

Additionally, it’s important to note that even though lab-grown diamonds appear stunning in settings, like natural diamonds, they are sold at a significantly lower price than jewelry set with natural diamonds.

In the business operations of Zvi Porat Diamonds, I make a clear distinction between the two, but we have both types, producing jewelry with both natural and lab-grown diamonds—tailored to each customer according to their beliefs and personal preferences.

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