Renewal of Old Jewelry

Many of my clients come to me with jewelry they received as a gift, inheritance, or that they purchased themselves many years ago. In all cases, they no longer want to wear the jewelry but still wish to use the gemstones/diamonds set in them. They are looking for a new design or a facelift for their old jewelry.

I offer my clients the service of renewing old jewelry not only to save them a considerable amount of money (reuse of gemstones and diamonds already in their possession), but also improve their feelings that they didn’t just got rid of it and sold the jewelry for cash, a piece that holds emotional value for them but they no longer want to wear.

Feel free to reach out to me for advice on what can be done with these “drawer jewelry” pieces. I am confident that, like many of my clients that did it before, you will be excited about both the process and the result of having this time a piece of jewelry that fits your personal taste perfectly.

I'm here for you!