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Zvi Porat - Personal Diamond Dealer & Jeweler.

Nice to e-meet you. My name is Zvi Porat, and I am a personal Diamond Dealer & jeweler. What is personal jeweler, actually? It’s the service I provide to my clients so that they can design the optimal piece of jewelry for themselves or their love ones, according to a personal style, budget, and the gemstones they desire.

In 2003, I completed a gemology course, and I am a certified gemologist, one of the leading ones in the country. I trade high-quality gemstones internationally, directly from the manufacturer or from traders on the diamond exchange. Since 2004, I have been providing design, gemology, and jewelry production services to private clients. Due to my deep specialization in gemstones, I can make the highest quality gemstones accessible to you at attractive prices that cannot be obtained in retail stores due to their operating costs and industry-standard markups.

I only produce jewelry on a personal order basis, and only with high-quality gemstones, so each piece of jewelry is unique and special. In the creation process, we work together from the idea stage to finding the gemstones according to the customer’s budget and personal style. The work process includes in-depth explanations about the gemstones and diamonds that suit the customer’s needs, with a focus on clarity, color, and cut. My rich experience in the field allows me to provide you with professional information in a clear, professional, and transparent manner, so you can understand and learn about the gemstones you are purchasing.

The opportunity to accompany men and women in the most exciting moments of their lives, and to see their eyes light up when they receive the jewelry we created together, fills me with satisfaction and happiness.

Custom-made design

Quality gemstones and diamonds

Certified gemologist - 20 years of experience

Professional service and guidance

Warranty, certificates, and appraisals

I'm here for you!

 Feel free to ask me any question.

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